Citizens for Atelierhaus Baerl


Duisburg citizens and those beyond its city limits would like to preserve the studio house Atelierhaus
Baerl in its current function. They and their activities will be portrayed on this site.

  ▪ Sponsors help disabled people and with this also the studio house in Baerl - more....

  ▪ Spring 2007, Preservation of the Atelierhaus - The »Kunstcocktail« at the Schulstraße - more....

  ▪ 25 years Atelierhaus Baerl - For preservation - more....


Sponsors help disabled people and with this also the studio house in Baerl

Finally the studio house opens up for all citizens, with or without disabilities. For the first time in the history of the house there is barrier-free access to the many courses, activities and meetings of citizens! “Mobile Facility Manager” Abdellah El Youssfi sponsored a stainless steel handrail for the mobility disabled and the German State and Federal Representatives of the SPD contributed a movable ramp for wheelchair dependent people.

The presentation was conducted by Duisburg SPD candidate for the German Bundestag, Bärbel Bas and by the candidate for senior mayor, Jürgen C. Brandt on Saturday, the 4th of July 2009.

We are very pleased and gratefully extend our appreciation on behalf of all participants and visitors!


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Spring 2007, Preservation of the Atelierhaus Baerl - the "Kunstcocktail" at the Schulstraße

Participants of art classes represented the "Atelierhaus Baerl" (Studiohouse) with a wide range of artworks at the 7 th "Kunstcocktail" event around the Loheider See (lake) in Duisburg-Baerl. (12. + 13.05.07) Despite bad weather visitors not only showed appreciation for their works but voted with almost 100 % for the preservation of the municipal building by giving their signature or by even becoming new members of the Initiative (IEAB).

Participants of the art classes show their works and collect votes for the preservation of the "Atelierhaus Baerl" (Studiohouse) on the occasion of the "Kunstcocktail"

The historical building located at Schulstraße 64 offers studios, resp. appartments for six artists and serves six art classes as well as two dance and fitness courses (VHS-Adult Education Institute), several music and cultural groups and this coming autumn also the DMSG (German Multiple Sclerosis Association) with a rehearsal room and meeting point of which there is no alternative in this district.

On Pentecost Sunday from 11 am - 6 pm, participants of the "Kunstcocktail" event will show paintings, drawings, sculptures, objects and jewelry at the "Atelierhaus Baerl". Through this the artists wish to express their support for the initiative for the preservation and brightening of the studiohouse. We´d like to welcome you to the exhibition. Admission free.

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25 years Studiohouse Atelierhaus Baerl - For preservation

More than 200 art and culture interested visitors celebrated the first 25 ys of "Art History" together with the 6 artists of the studiohouse at the Schulstrasse in Duisburg-Baerl. On this occasion the City of Duisburg, the Lord Mayor and the Cultural Office released the catalogue "Atelierhaus Baerl" on the history of the studiohouse that you can order via ISBN 3-89279-624-6. Following a few impressions of the party at 27.Oct.2006.

Because of rumours about a demolition of the "birthday girl" an initiative was founded in order to preserve the Studiohouse. The preface of the brand new catalogue written by Lord Mayor Adolf Sauerland and the Minister of Family, Education and Culture, Karl Janssen says:

"Since then this house became the centre of the quater... It does not only provide the artists with space for working and living , it also serves as a place of education and meeting for the citizens of Duisburg-Baerl, a House of Art and of citizen´s life ... We congratulate warmly to the first quater of a century "Art History" at the Schulstrasse and wish the cultural life in the beautiful [!] old building to continue flourishing , broad recognition and great success!"  (Original text see on the German site)

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